Monday, October 1, 2012


Bruce Lowe's A Letter to Louise has been available online since 2002. In that time Bruce has corresponded with hundreds of people. Most have been grateful. Some claim Bruce's work saved their lives. The old web address of his website,, is pointed here now, in large part to make maintenance easier but also in the hope that this work of Grace will reach even more people over the next ten years.

Bruce and Anna Marie are still alive and well at this writing in September 2012. Bruce is within striking distance of having seen the seasons change 100 times...and Anna Marie is not far behind. Both of them are coping with toll time takes on the human body with good humor, but neither are operating at full speed anymore. I reported last year that Bruce has retired from active service on the website and that his email address is no longer active. His parting gift to us, written in 2011, is posted under the "Six Points" tab on this site.

Some additional links have been added to the site in the right side-bar. In September of 2012, Bruce's home church set aside a Sunday morning service to honor Bruce and Anna Marie for their lifetime of selfless service. There is a link to some video shot at that service. In addition there is a nice article written about Bruce and Anna Marie by a Dallas area reporter. In that article you will learn more about the lives of courage led by these wonderful people.

If you would like to send a good word to Bruce, please send it to me and I will be glad to pass it along. My email address is shown at the bottom of the page.

David Chapman