Friday, July 1, 2016


Bruce Lowe's A Letter to Louise has been available online since 2002. From that time until his death in 2014 Bruce corresponded with hundreds of people. Most have been grateful. Some claim Bruce's work saved their lives. He is sorely missed and his work of reconciliation is unfinished. His A Letter to Louise remains published here for in the hope it will continue to offer material aid and genuine comfort to those who need it...and perhaps an affliction of conscience to those who need that. 

Both Bruce and Anna Marie are gone now as earlier postings here announced. But Bruce's parting gift to us, written in 2011, is also posted here under the "Six Points" tab on this site.

Some additional links have been added to the site in the right side-bar. In September of 2012, Bruce's home church set aside a Sunday morning service to honor Bruce and Anna Marie for their lifetime of selfless service. There is a link to some video shot at that service. In addition there is a nice article written about Bruce and Anna Marie by a Dallas area reporter. In that article you will learn more about the lives of courage led by these wonderful people.

We find ourselves staggering in relentless waves of hate, bigotry, intolerance, greed and the people of the light always have. But I must say that the fact so many of us have survived it for so long offers little comfort...particularly to those among us who live their lives in clear and present physical danger for simply being who they are. It is well that we ask "How much longer!?" But perhaps there is comfort in this: We are not alone. Never have been. Never will be.


David Chapman